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De-Argu-A-Bilitizing Happiness

I don’t know the answers. Each week I stumble around in the dark in hopes that I may accidentally run into one or two, but often I realize, I didn’t even know the questions. So this week in recognition of … Continue reading

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Uninhibited Happiness

I am stuck with me; and yet, knowing this, I still insist on examining my inner self with as much truthfulness as I can bear. This thinking is consistent with Kant who maintained that “the highest maxim, uninhibited truthfulness toward … Continue reading


Happy Dreams

I dreamed last night of flying; not like Superman, but simply soaring and hovering. I have been flying more frequently of late and it seems that each night I do is a little more vivid – a little more real. … Continue reading

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Disconnected Happiness

This week I’ve been thinking about ‘disconnects’. Though there may be other definitions, for now, in the context of our search for Truth, Wisdom, and Happiness we will focus on these two: An unrealized or unrecognized difference between what one … Continue reading

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Contemplative Happiness

I have trouble relaxing. I am intense and serious. I put a high premium on learning and growth. Of late, I have been rethinking ‘Learning’ and ‘Growth’ and each one’s relationship to Wisdom. Four-and-a-half centuries ago Michel de Montaigne said … Continue reading

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