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Picturing Happiness

I have espoused the precept ‘Do No Harm’ in 20 different posts throughout this site; that is more than 10% of my weekly posts. This week I have returned to and read these 20 posts and maintain that in context … Continue reading

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Confining Happiness

To drink from a raindrop… To play in a soap bubble… To work in a shoe box… To suffer in silk… …and burlap… …and silence… To drown in a teardrop…

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Bashing Happiness

I was disturbed and saddened this week when I read, (in ‘Moral Tribes’ by Joshua Greene), of a study that showed endorsement of a policy by conservative or liberal leadership had more influence than the actual policy substance. The study … Continue reading

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Controlling Happpiness

We have a tendency to panic when we cannot trick ourselves into believing we are in control. Oftentimes we put on a brave front but depending on the perceived degree of turbulent helplessness, within (our minds, our guts, our hearts), … Continue reading

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Go for Happiness

Today is Friday. Typically, by now I am in the ‘revision/fine-tuning’ stage of my weekly post. This week has been calm, which is appropriate considering last week’s post, and which may help to explain the attendant dearth of written thought. … Continue reading

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