‘Hopeless Happiness’ is a product of my attempt to reconcile Truth with Peace.  Serious reflection on the nature of Truth seems to disturb my peace by causing me to consider and acknowledge reality, while attempts to focus and center (seeking peace) seem to impede any progress towards wisdom.  If I found the ultimate Truth (Wisdom) (Purpose) I am certain it would come prepackaged with Happiness. Therein lies the ‘Hopeless’.  I will never, in this lifetime,  find the ultimate Truth so I will never be ‘truly’ Happy …

Thus begins my first post from September 3, 2011. If this is your first time here, and you are thinking from what you have seen so far, that this is too dark or depressing for your taste, DON’T LEAVE! GO HERE (QUICKLY!) AND READ THE RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS. You will see that this site is full of Hope and potential Happiness; we just start with reality and don’t encourage shortcuts. If you would rather start at the beginning, click ‘here‘ and read the first post in its entirety for a better understanding of exactly what I mean by the hopeless nature of happiness; and then please follow the links to each successive post; (I have a new one each week on Saturday). For a complete picture of the site’s foundation, I strongly encourage you to read the first seven posts through Saturday October 15, 2011, and then go to the Periodic Happiness Table of Elements page, which was created and posted at that point in the evolution of this site.

My ultimate intent (with your help) is to formulate a viable ‘Philosophy of Happiness and Hope’ that will account for Reality. Some pages or posts may at times seem unrelated or tangential, but will always have some convoluted connection, at least in my mind.  At the very least I will strive to make all information posted throughout thought provoking and entertaining. Talk to me.

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