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Afraid of Happiness

I’m tossed into a vast expanse Of hurt and hidden fears I sing my song, yet still I dance With hope, and hollow tears. This week I am asking myself, “how can I live authentically—(i.e. consistently within my perception of … Continue reading

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Overflowing Happiness

The Human Psyche is the connective fabric between cognition, intuition, and volitional action. Elements of the Human Psyche include: Bravado Insecurity Empathy for others Self Interest Madness (From this point forward, in this week’s written thought, Empathy will always imply … Continue reading

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Happiness, until…

To see incompetence… To admit to incompetence… To apologize for incompetence… To promise a response to incompetence… …is a reassuring start. But then, To defend incompetence… To make excuses for incompetence… To break a promise… To ignore incompetence… To hide … Continue reading

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Puddles of Happiness

This week, my daughter, (who lives in New Orleans), sent me the following Bob Dylan quote: “Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.” In context, she used the quote to warn me of the dangers inherent in an abundance … Continue reading

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Unexpected Happiness

I frequently maintain the impossibility of Perfection. On Monday though, I had a food day that came close. Typically I cook. I love to cook, and I am consistently told that I do it fairly well. Monday was a restaurant … Continue reading

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