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The Spirit of Happiness

According to New Atheism God is no longer necessary because science now explains (or has the potential to explain) what God previously explained. If this is true, science and scientists are not doing an adequate job of explaining and/or filling … Continue reading


Entertaining Happiness

Last week I ended the post ‘The Art and Magic of Happiness‘ with “Magic is a song of fear – Art is a dance of courage.” This week I heard that song of fear and I am dancing that dance … Continue reading

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The Art and Magic of Happiness

Magic: A deft manipulation of inattention and misdirection creating an expectant assimilation of myths and symbols; an avoidance of reality. Art: A deft manipulation of attention and focus, using myths and symbols to create an ineffable awareness of Dark and … Continue reading

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Eternal Happiness

If you could take an anti-aging pill once per day to arrest the process, would you do so? Imagine the cost is minimal (say, a penny per day), and though it would not stop already-acquired advanced illness, nor preclude normal … Continue reading

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Implied Happiness

We aspire to transcendence. But if we were to achieve any of these states of being – complete Transcendence… an ultimate Truth… unadulterated Purity… – we will have also stripped away our Humanity. Humanity (strongly) implies imperfection. This week I … Continue reading

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