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Happy Christmas For-Ever

Twas the night before Christmas, some day long ahead My granddaughter tucking her kids into bed; The aroma of wood smoke hung soft in the air, As mamma reached down gently ruffling their hair. And now that the children were … Continue reading

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Knowing Unknowable Happiness

It is late in the week (Wednesday) for me to begin writing. I am fixing dinner, reading about the philosophy behind immortality, drinking a beer, and listening to music that is claiming “nothing is sadder than the soul of a … Continue reading

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Malevolent Happiness

Last week I wrote the following: “(I believe) as individuals, we have the free will to choose which direction we stretch. (I believe) each individual choice toward Exoteric Goodness does not require an equal stretching toward its opposite, (intentional or … Continue reading

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Interpreting Happiness

Cold winds blow. When cold winds blow, do yours more often blow from your past, or from your future? It is in the moment they are felt; but from where do they originate? These are interesting questions and I believe … Continue reading

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