Tentacles of Happiness

I don't want to read too much into recent personal upheavals, (some positive and some challenging), by declaring "New Beginnings!" or "A Fresh Start!" and then arbitrarily connect to the upcoming New Year in order to convince myself that it was meant to be. I used to be an avid purveyor of comforting notions such as "everything happens for a reason" and I understand the value therein; but in recent years I have come around to see difficulty as merely circumstantial and absent of ineffable transcendence.

If the equation set forth above is New Circumstance + Ineffable Transcendence = Comfort, there is one exception, to half of the equation, that I allow my Humanity to turn to when I am in need of comfort; (most typically from perceived injustice). The acrimonious reflection I apply to circumstance (absent transcendence), for comfort, is "what goes around, comes around."

I have enough faith in the power of randomness to feel reasonably certain that difficulty reaches out and touches each of us at some time, in some form. And I believe that what may appear as a relatively minor difficulty to one individual, may add a more significant weight to another individual; despite any protestations to the contrary. I also believe that some difficulties bog down internal aspiration, thus concealing the adversity from direct observation. Additionally, I believe that in one's last moment(s) upon this existential plane, the weight of some actions comes crashing down, as the goodness of other actions buoys the mind or (if you prefer) the spirit.

Yes: as a human there is a certain vindictive satisfaction in these thoughts. But additionally, allowing this truthfulness reminds me that the goal is not revenge (as this other individual has his or her own difficulties, and one day will realize his or her own legacy); the goal is common ground from which mutual progress is possible. Allowing this truthfulness keeps me grounded and more rational in the face of perceived injustice at the hand of another. Allowing this truthfulness, and discounting the role of ineffable transcendence, brings me to a gruff recognition of the ineluctable fusion of personal and universal essence.

I suppose it is a lack of imagination that prevents me from letting go of this last human comfort; and on occasion leads me to stare longingly at ineffable transcendence. For me, imagination goes beyond simply forming mental images or concepts, though this definition appears consistent with ineffable transcendence. For me, imagination must include a grounded rationality; which feels counterintuitive, but coupled with the effort to create new thought actually adds a level of complexity to the exercise of my imagination. For me, the disharmony of these clashing contradictions is necessary. For me, the comfort of platitudes and clich├ęs is not an exercise, but a lazy form of hope that too often results in hypocrisy, duplicity, and treachery. For me, imagination that merely comforts is common, simple, and frivolous, whereas imagination that requires a connection with productive action is scarce, complex, and invaluable.

So my reliance on "what goes around, comes around" for comfort, should be the springboard to thoughtful layers of conceptual effort leading to forward movement and mutual benefit. I am Human; it is not always so. In this moment, I am respectfully admonished.

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