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Studying Happiness

According to a study comparing blackbirds residing in a city and those living in the country, an ornithologist has “found that city birds start their workdays earlier and their biological clocks tick faster. Just like their human counterparts, they adopt … Continue reading

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Exclusive Happiness

This week I completed some required diversity training at my workplace. One topic was inclusion. One slide said, “Inclusion means ensuring that all members of society have equivalent access and opportunities in life.” A noble thought. The slide went on … Continue reading

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Molding Happiness

This past week I have derived considerable satisfaction and pleasure on three different fronts: home, work, and family. All three efforts have required much creative planning and organization, two have been in process for months, one for weeks, and all … Continue reading

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Simple Happiness

It was a heart-sinking, heart-shrinking, heart-thinking moment. This prevalent prioritization of nonessential concerns leaves me wrung out. In my ignorance, I am still on occasion entertained and amused; and even participatory. In recent years this has more frequently progressed to … Continue reading

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