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Conversational Happiness

“I will miss you.” “Thank you. I believe you will.” “I will.” “That makes me smile.” “Who will I talk to when I want to talk to you?” “I won’t be gone.” “You won’t be here.” “No. But… think for … Continue reading

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Monstrous Happiness

Terry Eagleton, in his newest book “Hope without Optimism” says, “A future that could be adequately captured in the language of the present would be too complicit with the status quo, and so would scarcely count as a genuine future … Continue reading

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Loud and Impolite Happiness

Any individual who is in a position of responsibility, (regardless of how that responsibility is come by), should not be surprised when they are held responsible. I think it is a great thing when a person of privilege, in a … Continue reading


Happiness. Stop.

Ticking clock. Can’t open my eyes. Stuck somewhere. Dream? Clocks don’t tick. Bombs don’t tick. Digital world. Time is artificial. Humanity has become. Man-made. I feel deep; in a hole. Subterranean. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. … Continue reading

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