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Happiness disabled

I am sitting in a big comfy chair, with a nice view overlooking an expanse of landscape. The movers arrive and say they are going to take my chair but they say I will be fine because they are going … Continue reading

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Deceptive Happiness

Let your imagination run wild for a moment and visualize yourself chained and fettered to a desk, or locked inside a building for a set period of time each day (more days than not) and at the notion of custom … Continue reading

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The P’s and Q’s of Happiness

A Question of Perspective: Pain: A screech and a crash and the steam-hiss of gears. The ache and the anguish of lost-lonely fears. Effluvious sludge in a runoff of years. A Lifetime of learning; a Lifetime of tears. Pleasure: I … Continue reading

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Happiness, regardless…

Reconciliation – ‘The process of making consistent or compatible.’ We spend every thinking moment of every day seeking reconciliation. We very much want Life to make sense. When something does not make sense we can either a) forget it; b) … Continue reading

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Navigating Happiness

It really is all about me. Not at all in an other-oriented sense in that I expect the world to revolve around me and/or I believe that everyone I come in contact with should always (first and foremost) focus on … Continue reading

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