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Powering Happiness

Why do we feel the need to personify power? A few weeks ago I said Power is the ability to decide and act, and I maintained that each one of us wields some power. In this sense one cannot hold … Continue reading

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Promising Happiness

I believe I may or may not have heard or dreamed some, none, or all of these understated and obliviously inspirational exaggerations in past or future heartfelt schemes devised to obtain some form of support for critically insignificant undertakings pregnant … Continue reading

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Percolating Happiness

On Monday of this week, at 12:38am I received an email from my dentist’s office requesting I follow a link to electronically confirm an appointment for Wednesday at 3pm. At approximately 10:10am I did so. On Monday of this week, … Continue reading

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A Manifesto on Happiness

In a letter dated October 31, 1819 Thomas Jefferson wrote the following: “Happiness the aim of life. Virtue the foundation of happiness. Utility the test of virtue… …Active, consists in agreeable motion; it is not happiness, but the means to … Continue reading

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Winning Happiness

Certainty applies to this moment. Uncertainty applies to the next moment. Uncertainty implies that change is inevitable and what applies to this moment may not apply to the next moment… or the next… or the next… This moment is fleeting. … Continue reading

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