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Musical Happiness

 “All that has dark sounds has duende. And there’s no deeper truth than that … Those dark sounds are the mystery, the roots that cling to the mire that we all know, that we all ignore, but from which comes … Continue reading

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Sloppy Haappiness

I face the ‘unknown’ daily. Diagnosed (19 years ago) with Meniere’s Disease I do not know from day-to-day how bad the roaring in my head will be. And although it is an intimate companion, always there, (even in my dreams), … Continue reading

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… Thou Happiness

For me, the questions are more important than the answers; but I can understand how for some (perhaps most?) the answer trumps the question. I believe though, that for many this latter perspective may encourage a passive acceptance of easy … Continue reading

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Another Tribute to Happiness

It has been a difficult week; one in which the question ‘Why?’ has created considerable sadness, confusion, hesitancy, and some portentous unease. It has been a week in which the question ‘Why?’ has overshadowed all other thoughts and considerations. It … Continue reading

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Coloring Happiness

This week I am reading ‘The Social Conquest of Earth’ by Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward O. Wilson. I am about two-thirds of the way through this fascinating look at “gene-culture coevolution” and I am reading this partially in preparation … Continue reading

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