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The Essence of Happiness

Within any organization, (including the organization of ‘me’ as an individual being), its essence is hard to find but typically hides in, around, between, and behind the varying degrees of its inner peace, exoteric goodness, compassion, communal responsibility, and work … Continue reading

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A Sign of Happiness

I saw a sign in a flea market this week that showed a chicken crossing the road and the caption read, ‘I wish I could just cross the road without everyone questioning my motives.’ This is so true. Not only … Continue reading

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Toting Happiness

I have been toting boxes for 8 years. It was then (8 years ago) that I was hit with a disability limiting my capabilities and stamina, thus creating a circumstance of chronic under-employment; (i.e. toting boxes). My experience has shown … Continue reading

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The Horrors of Happiness

Here are a couple of fictional tales to chill your warm bones. I AM A GHOST I am a ghost. She reached for me with her long, curled fingernails that in one light were spun of gold, but in another … Continue reading

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Listening for Happiness

I do not have a unique voice; but it seems I frequently do voice a perspective that works against the grain of majority thought; or at least, majority actions and behaviors. Some weeks I tire of beating (what feels like) … Continue reading

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