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Unordered Happiness

Today is the 34th anniversary of the day I married. I am still married. I am still married to the same woman. While it may not significantly change the world, it is notable; and meaningful; and rewarding. “Listen carefully to … Continue reading

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Free-Falling Happiness

To live Life in a free fall of uncertainty and doubt can be terrifying and/or exhilarating. To float through Life harnessed safely to a parachute can be breathtakingly beautiful, unpredictably bumpy, mindfully thought provoking, and/or redundant. To fly through Life … Continue reading

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The Happiness of Forgetting

I remember the title; and I believe I had an outline in my head, but that was yesterday. I recall I was enjoying the unique satisfaction of the day’s first jolt of caffeine and the way you can sometimes feel … Continue reading

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Free-Floating Happiness

A key component of compassion is to constructively help others overcome their problems and to actively wish them free from suffering. In recent weeks I have dedicated large chunks of written thought to compassion and I have encouraged compassion toward … Continue reading