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Confronting Happiness

The following paragraph is an excerpt from the work of fiction ‘Dark Eden’ by Chris Beckett; (the character is 15 year old John the day after he stood his ground and killed a leopard, when instead he could have easily … Continue reading

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One-Dimensional Happiness

When you meet someone for the first time and ask, “What do you do?” what are you really asking? “What purpose do you serve??” – “Are you a useful member of society??” – “Should I talk to you??” – “Are … Continue reading

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Streamlined Happiness

Last week I discovered a renewed, streamlined Purpose having shed the heft of heavy garments worn to protect me from (what I had perceived as) the cold indifference of other’s judgments. I discovered that these judgments (that I believed were … Continue reading

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Happiness Found, Again

The light spread, suddenly. It took many years though for a full appreciation. It began from above and behind as a warm, luminous glow with occasional hazy, humid patches, ultimately graduating to a few silky, white clouds surrounded by seas … Continue reading

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Trusting Happiness

Today, after several years of considering happiness (and Happiness) I realize two things: I was beyond naive when I first began to seriously contemplate happiness. I am still wide-eyed and gullible in the process of searching for Happiness, if it … Continue reading