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Zombic Happiness

I believe everyone in existence (past, present, and future) is a Zombie; everyone that is, except me. Granted, you are a very sophisticated form of Zombie in that I don’t see you eating brains and each one of you present … Continue reading

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Recycling Happiness

We do not have to understand the reason we are driven or compelled to act. There are multiple examples in nature of animal and plant behavior that is beneficial, but we do not believe that the tree comprehends or is … Continue reading


Happiness is Strange

‘To make the familiar strange’ – I learned this week that artists (such as Paul Klee) and philosophers (such as Wittgenstein) have long laid claim to this task. This is somewhat obvious in many creative arts and though I had … Continue reading

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Passing Happiness

Last week I encouraged doubt and uncertainty in the form of thoughtful (internal and external) skepticism. I also encouraged the following, which (I believe) will flow better from a wellspring of doubt and uncertainty: an acknowledgment of the fluid nature … Continue reading

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