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Looking in on Happiness

We are all on the outside looking in. We work each day at acquiring the shelter and security inherently promised by moving in. Our humanity dictates this need for a sense of belonging, but even when we manage it, we … Continue reading

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Borrowing Happiness

I begin writing each week (usually) on Monday or Tuesday; sometimes later; never earlier. I write throughout the week and continue to revise my writing and fine tune my thoughts through Saturday. I have published more than 100 posts on … Continue reading

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Composing Happiness

I write. It has been a personal passion for a majority of my years; along with cooking, reading, and listening to music. I am an avid reader and collector of music. I do not possess extraordinary talent in cooking or … Continue reading

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Faithful Happiness

Personal Faith: the belief (in the face of contrary evidence) that there is transcendental meaning; characterized by uncertainty and a degree of inner turmoil. Exoteric Goodness: selfless goodness left in one’s wake in this Lifetime; an empirical interpretation of transcendental … Continue reading

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Varnished Happiness

Reality is disappointing. We look for meaning through our children, spouse, and other friends and family; we look for meaning in our work, in social organizations, through entertainment, hobbies, and causes; we look for meaning through cheerfulness, busyness, study, status, … Continue reading

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