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For the Love of Happiness

In May of 2004 my Wife and I began compiling a personal history that tells a long and winding tale of triumph and despair; highs and lows; good luck and bad luck; competition and camaraderie. This epic narrative (as of … Continue reading

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A Prequel To Happiness

Fourteen years ago this past week I had a vestibular neurectomy. After cutting a one inch square from my skull, the surgeon indicated that they had to gently nudge and shift part of my brain in order to sever the … Continue reading

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Universal Happiness

There is a certain peace in believing that I am as necessary as anyone else with whom I share this empirical existence. There is a great deal more peace (and understanding and compassion) associated with the belief that ALL other … Continue reading

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Zero Happiness Part 2

We are often afraid of the Dark. But it seems too, we often avoid the Light. Yet I believe our greatest fear is a fear of nonexistence, or nothingness. We fear this possibility, though we are unable to perfectly define … Continue reading

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