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Zero Happiness Part 1

Last week I commented that we (as an individual or as a group) have a natural tendency toward balance. I also defined balance in this sense, as ‘The degree to which all the attributes are in harmony, with none either … Continue reading

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Dynamic Happiness

Warning! Harsh Truths Ahead! Proceed with Caution! Are you dissatisfied with any aspect of your current Life situation? Have you recently noticed any dissatisfaction (yours or other’s) lurking nearby, waiting to pounce? Has anyone of late expressed dissatisfaction with or … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Happiness

I saw a friend buried this week. Keith walked the walk. I will miss him. Even when faced with mortality, Happiness (one’s quest for Truth and Wisdom) cannot die along with the questions. In other words, one must continue to … Continue reading

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Drive-by Happiness

I was accused this week of stealing dreams and sowing seeds of hopelessness and discontent. As it was a drive-by diatribe, I did not have the opportunity to respond at the time, so … I did indeed indicate that (in … Continue reading

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Reaching for Happiness

I am rethinking power and compassion, and having new thoughts about their expected and actual relationship in contemporary Western society. Channeling Friedrich Nietzsche for a moment, perhaps strength and power are more natural, instinctive aspects of one’s humanity than are … Continue reading

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