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Kickstarting Happiness

The 2 scenarios below are from the post ‘Risking Happiness‘: I give to and take from the moment in the active hope that it will propel me into a larger, deeper future. Or … I hibernate in the moment from … Continue reading

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ThrasHing Happiness

The purpose of searching for Truth and Wisdom in this empirical existence is to close the gap on (upper-case) Happiness; i.e. that Happiness that transcends this lifetime; that Happiness that one can only catch the occasional fleeting glimpse, of. Though … Continue reading

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Risking Happiness

There is always something out there waiting to be discovered; wanting to be written. Through 80+ weeks, I have never written ahead. I’ve always waited to see what cries out for attention. I do occasionally refer to random notes (that … Continue reading

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holding hands with Happiness

Dear World, Please hold my hand. My Mommy and Daddy did for lots of years when I was crossing the street, or ascared to go to the bathroom by myself. But now I find myself away from Mommy and Daddy … Continue reading

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