Monthly Archives: March 2013

Apprehensive Happiness

“What ‘should’ we be worried about?” This is the Annual Question for 2013 on Since I have read the question, I have been worried about the question. And then as I have read multiple responses to the question, I … Continue reading


Global Happiness

It is what it is – for the moment. This week I reviewed the post Time and Happiness because I needed the reminder. The past and the future are muddy and confused, and I am having difficulty focusing on the … Continue reading


Gimpy Happiness

My gratitude naturally leans more towards “it could be worse” as opposed to “count my blessings.” It’s not that I expect things to get worse (though sometimes they will), but rather that I look around and see so many people … Continue reading

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Forgiving Happiness

I am re-thinking Anger. I have previously stated that it is my favorite of the seven deadly sins because it seems the one I am most naturally inclined towards. Dante described wrath (or anger) as “love of justice perverted to … Continue reading

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More Happiness and Hurt and Hope

Per last week’s post, I have made a strong effort in this past week to identify (1 or 2) specific hopes and actively contribute to their manifestation. Additionally I have made an effort to simultaneously Embrace the Hurt and Let … Continue reading

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