Monthly Archives: January 2013

Illusory Happiness

This week I want to go back and expand on thoughts (or perhaps just one overriding thought) from this post (Irrelevant Happiness) three weeks ago. Towards the end of that post I casually threw in ‘the meaning of existence’ as … Continue reading

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A Gift of Happiness

A couple of times this week I have been in the vicinity of that elusive, peaceful, calm center; which (with some effort) I believe is sometimes easier to locate in the midst of upheaval and turmoil. Perhaps due to the … Continue reading

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Happy Gumbo

When I cook gumbo, I make a roux. When making a roux, some people use oil; some use butter. I’m in the butter camp. Some people like a dark roux; some like a lighter roux. I’m in the lighter camp. … Continue reading

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Irrelevant Happiness

We are all individually irrelevant … unimportant … inconsequential – it is a harsh fact. So how does one get past this fact and continue to close the gap on Truth, Wisdom, and Happiness? I believe it must begin with … Continue reading