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Recentered Happiness

There are times when one feels the need to make a concession to humanity by allowing earthly responsibilities to take precedence over spiritual growth. In fact, this could describe the first years or even decades of a Lifetime. Hopefully in … Continue reading

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Tranquility and Happiness

I am debating tranquility vs. intensity. A few weeks ago in the post Reconciling Happiness I clearly landed on the side of intensity, as I thought that would more likely close the gap on Happiness. This week I am shopping … Continue reading

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Happy Conflict

Clippety-clop. … A single set of hooves on a cobblestone street. Pleasant; even soothing as it passes by and fades into the distance. Clippety-clop Clippety-CLOP CLIPPETY-CLOP. … Many sets of hooves thundering by. Powerful; even frightening as they shake the … Continue reading

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everyday happiness

Pondering … Can everyday happiness (small ‘h’ – i.e. cheerfulness) have a positive influence or impact on our long-term Happiness (big ‘H’ – i.e. our search for Truth, Wisdom, and Purpose over a Lifetime) and still allow for reality? Two … Continue reading

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