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Happiness Left Unsaid

To speak or write in too much detail leaves less room for both immediate and future interpretations. I often read or write something and when I go back to it weeks, months, or even years later, I find additional depth … Continue reading

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Focused Happiness

This week I have been asking the question ‘How does one stay the path when distracted by happenings alongside the path?’ It is difficult enough that the path itself is uncertain; an uncertainty compounded by crossroads and forks. But even … Continue reading

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Filtered Happiness

I believe my Humanity acts as a filter by diminishing the intensity of Truth (Light). I believe my Humanity acts as a filter by intercepting and presenting Life’s impurities (Dark) as a temptation; or as a reminder. I believe (as … Continue reading


Reconciling Happiness

In recent posts I have been examining the relationship between critical judgment and Happiness. I have not yet determined how best to reconcile high expectations and my search for Truth with Inner Peace and Exoteric Goodness. I have made some … Continue reading

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