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Decisive Happiness

I don’t believe you can just decide to be Happy and it will come about; (keeping in mind that Happiness is intertwined with Truth and Wisdom). I do believe you can decide to be cheerful, and either be cheerful or … Continue reading

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The Urban Dictionary defines happathy as ‘a state of cheerful indifference’. My definition of happathy: to exude cheerfulness by (or while) ignoring or being oblivious to reality. At first glance the two definitions are very similar but I am meaning … Continue reading

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Sadness and Happiness

I have been sad this week. I saw a homeless person talking to herself and crying at 11pm on a cold, snowy night; and I sold a house which in this real estate market should bring joy but makes me … Continue reading

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Time and Happiness

When most of us think about time we picture the past behind us and the future ahead of us, but there are some that when asked about their past point forward, seemingly because they can see the past. For them … Continue reading