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Happiness and Peace

In recent posts I have encouraged healthy dissatisfaction. Throughout this site I have encouraged learning and growth. I truly believe we will have more frequent and longer-lasting ‘moments’ of Happiness not only by acknowledging and facing the turmoil inherent in … Continue reading

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Happiness Reduced

REDUCTIONISM – to reduce an idea or a concept (in this case, Happiness) to its basic elements in order to understand, define, refine, and expedite. Reductionism does not work: It is much easier to reduce or deconstruct Happiness into relevant … Continue reading

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The Call of Happiness

As stated on my ‘Periodic Happiness Table of Elements‘ page, Consistent Long-lasting Happiness (CLH) is hopeless, while Relative Momentary Happiness (RMH) is not only hopeful, but likely. The question is, how long do the ‘moments’ last and how frequently do … Continue reading

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Is Happiness A Joke?

I remember an old video game with a frog, and a road, and traffic; and if I remember correctly, the object of the game was to cross the road and not become road-kill. The good thing was that if you … Continue reading

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Recipe for Happiness

I am going to write like I know what I’m talking about. When we talk about ingredients, cooking is an easy analogy; and as it is in cooking, it is in Happiness. We have some main ingredients that are critical, … Continue reading